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Hair Dye Instructions

Do it our way for the best results... or you can do it your way and see what happens!!

(Just do it right the first time!!! Eh!)

  1. Shampoo Hair without a conditioner, then dry hair thoroughly. (Its ok to use a cheap ass shampoo for this step only)

  2. Apply petroleum jelly or color block around hairline and on ears.

  3. Wear plastic gloves to avoid staining hands. (REALLY??? Yes, Put your damn gloves on!!!)

  4. Empty desired amount into plastic bowl. (Approximately 1/2 jar for short hair, 3/4 bottle or more, for longer hair.)

  5. Apply evenly with tint brush, just enough to saturate hair. Do not apply to scalp. (Also, Do not apply anywhere else other than hair on HEAD. “Please do not apply to eyebrow, facial, rectal or genital hair.” Please dont ask why we know this, Just dont do it!!!)

  6. Comb through hair thoroughly and put a Shower cap on the colored hair. (No, condoms are not a good substitute for shower caps)

  7. Add heat and leave color on hair for approximately 20-30 minutes. (Just add heat…I dont know, use a hair dryer or something…Just make it hot. MAKE THAT HAIR HOT!!!!)

  8. Rinse dye away from face then use a color safe shampoo and CONDITION as normal. (Do not use Cheap ASS shampoo for this step.)


Colors will be more intense and last longer on lighter hair.

Colors will give a highlight effect to dark hair.

Color fades gradually with each shampoo.​

Benzyl Alcohol


Cetearyl Alcohol

Cetrimonium Chloride

Cetyl Alcohol

Citric Acid

Diazolidinly Urea

H20 to 100


Mixes of Dyes

Propylene Glycol


Scented oil

Sodium Hydroxide


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